NonProfit work

American 300

American300 places mentors with military members around the world promoting “Real World” – resilient mindsets.

Through personal connections and a better understanding of what it means to be ‘Resilient’ our armed forces members become better prepared to take on life’s challenges. –  American300 mission statement

Our involvement- AJ is a mentor for American300 attending tours and sharing his story from deployment to Iraq to becoming a mountain guide and small business owner. He is also assisting in leading trips for the Purple Heart Summits program.


Azimuth Check Foundation

Azimuth Check Foundation of New England (ACFNE) helps active duty military, veterans, and first responders with disabilities, by providing challenging year-round athletic activities. ACFNE’s core belief is that participation in these activities builds self-esteem and accomplishment. Camaraderie and the inclusion of family and friends promote wellness, helping our heroes find their way. – Asimuth Check Foundation mission statement

Our involvement- AJ is acting as an adviser to the board of directors to help the organization establish it’s self in the New England region. The organization has also contracted us to organize a climbing event scheduled for Memorial day 2019. 

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