As many of us realize, this is big. Just in this country Schools are closing, restaurants restricted to “take-out”, and grocery store shelves starting to empty. People are fighting over toilet paper…FUCKING TP! This will be a bit of a rant and I will generalize quite a bit so if you don’t want to know my opinion stop now. 

This isn’t the end of the world, at least not yet, so WE as a society need to act with dignity. We as Americans have it pretty fucking good, recognize that. It breaks my heart to think that in this time of crises we are acting irrationally and not with compassion. Now I know that is not the case all over the place, there are good people out there, offering to get groceries, medicine, and other necessities for the folks in their community that are the most at risk for the worst of the virus. 

This will get worse before it gets better. The way we handle this situation will define us and will be a big indicator of how we will act when society changes due to the more prominent issue of climate change. I often tell people that War was a time where I saw the best and worst in humanity. Please please please let that statement about the worst remain true and let this pandemic show how good humanity can be. Live not in fear that your neighbor is sick, maintain your distance but don’t be rude. When buying groceries visit before you go and look at the food approved for that program in your state and if you don’t have children maybe limit or don’t buy those items. We all want to save money right now; please if you are able to spend a few more cents on the slightly more expensive food do that because there might be someone in the same aisle that can’t afford to and still needs to eat. Try not to fight someone over TOILET PAPER!

Let these times define us in a positive light. Social distancing will help the health care system not become flooded. Remember we need to be a unified community supporting each other as we can from a safe distance. To the folks that will lose people due to this virus, my heart goes out to you. I hope that we as a society can take the responsibility to help prevent the death rate from this increasing exponentially. 

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