The Travel Life


They have their own personalities, much like we the people who frequent them. In this line of work I spend many hours in airports. I am currently sitting at Boston Logan Int. waiting for my flight to Denver that departs at 6am tomorrow. I will spend the night here; it’s not the first and for sure not the last time I will do this.

Being a climber I enjoy traveling to different locations to climb, adventure, and explore. In the airports other climbers stick out like a sore thumb; alpine pack check, approach shoes check, (insert favorite climbing brand) t-shirt check. It’s even more obvious for longer trips or the expedition climber, previous listed items then add on the expedition duffels. While most people walk by and give the odd look at the gear and a slight nose curl at the ever present climber odor, those part of the climbing culture walk by with a quick glance and a nod.

I ,the climber, am just one part of the airport personality tonight. One thing that I do enjoy about the extended stays is seeing the other parts of this personality, the families going to and returning from some theme park. The loved ones embracing after an extended time apart. The business person heading to their next board meeting to close the multimillion dollar deal.

I see all of these people, all have different backgrounds, different travel plans, and different futures…

Well not so different we all have to deal with TSA.

Ah the travel life is my kind of life.

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