Complete Splitboard kits

Backwoods Split

The Colorado Rockies offer a variety of terrain,
so we designed a board for the rider that wants
the ultimate one-board, freeride quiver. The
Backwoods floats effortlessly in powder, skins
easily with camber underfoot, and is quick
edge to edge for steep, tight tree runs.

Big Chief Split

Made to conquer Colorado’s 14ers while still
surfing deep snow, this big mountain profile is
the stiffest and dampest ride in our lineup. It
is made to ensure complete control in couloirs
above tree line and provides camber underfoot
for maximum traction on the skin up to your line

Range Split

Designed to send cliffs in the Gore Range, this
freeride/freestyle board has a poppy playful ride
with its rockered tip and tail, allowing for effortless
spins and butters while keeping the camber
underfoot for ultimate control, consistency and
traction for the skin up to your line

Riva Split

Named after the iconic Riva Ridge that was
stormed by the 10th Mountain Division, our
first women’s specific board was created for
the ladies who test the limits of their gear in
the same fashion. This board is capable of
taking your riding to the next level, whether
in-bounds, or out.

Weston Backwoods size 157 Includes Spark R&D Arc Bindings and Skins Please indicate resort stance (Regular or Goofy, distance between bindings, front and rear foot angles) If not indicated we will set to appropriate angles.

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